Games Drives

Thornicroft is situated just about five minutes drive to the main gate of South Luangwa National Park. There's no time lost on lengthy transfers! We can take you on day and night game drives – or how about an early morning game walk?

Our game drives bring you close to some of the world's most magnificent wildlife so that you can experience a truly African adventure. More than that, we aim to build your knowledge of wildlife and habitat during your stay, as our guides give you wildlife knowledge during your drives.

We have comfortable safari vehicles, equipped with cushioned seats and affording you excellent views. Each drive is an adventure.

Thornicroft Lodge has the finest safari guides available. We firmly believe that a good safari guide enhances your whole safari experience. Our guides will make your stay so much more enjoyable, informative and fun.

Morning game drives start at 6.00am giving you the best chance to see animals moving around as the sun comes up before the heat of the day drives them to shade. It is an excellent opportunity to see elephants going for an early morning drink and catch a hippo returning back to its pool.

All game drives are undertaken in open game viewing vehicles, to optimise your pleasure and experience. Drinks and snacks are taken along for your enjoyment whilst in the park. Depending on game sightings, we return to the lodge by 10.00 am for a scrumptious "brunch".

Afternoon / night game drives leaves at 4.00 pm. South Luangwa is one of the only National Parks in Africa to allow night drives. The last hours of the day are perfect for balmy game-viewing. At dusk we find a spot to watch the sun go down and have a 'sun-downer' while we wait for the nocturnal animals to wake.

Night safaris give you the best opportunity to see nocturnal birds and mammals, including owls, leopard and hyena. This is also the time when Lions are the most active. With a powerful searchlight our guides scan the bush looking for the reflection of eyes. A sight that needs to be experienced. The Safari finishes by 8pm back in time for dinner.

The Lodge

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