At Thornicroft Lodge we can offer additional activities to make your safari even more special.

Walking Safaris:

The thrill of a walking safari, which South Luangwa is justly famous for, makes it Africa's finest destination to experience wildlife up close, at eye level and in their natural habitat. (a walking safari or a combination of walking and driving safaris are only available on request during the dry season). You can arrange the walking safari with your booking or at least one day in advance, because we need to hire an additional scout for this activity. We recommend you wear good (hiking) shoes.

Price: $20 extra per person if done in combination with a morning game drive (minimum 4 persons)

Walking safaris

Visit Tribal Textiles

The lodge also offers a visit to the Tribal Textile workshop. Next to the workshop the local people have their handy craft "shops" with woodcarving, reed baskets and other local arts.

Price: $25 per vehicle

Visit Kawaza Village

Kawaza Village is home to villagers of the Kunda tribe. Kawaza offers travellers the opportunity to visit a genuine Zambian rural village and to get involved with local people and village life. Kawaza is a unique experience for travellers to Zambia. As such it is the winner of the prestigious Silver Otter Award, given to the Best Overseas Tourism Project by the British Guild of Travel Writers.

Price: $20 per person (minimum 4 persons)

Art Safari

Thornicroft Lodge is home to Art Safari several times a year as adventurous artists & photographers arrive with Art Safari director and accomplished artist Mary-Anne Bartlett. Mary-Anne runs Art Safari all over the world from Antarctica to India. South Luangwa is her favourite place for wildlife. This is a wonderful opportunity to study elephants and other animals at leisure while developing your painting skills. Spend time in the national park and also work up sketches back at our base on the banks of the great Luangwa River.


Mfuwe Village Tour

Thornicroft Lodge can offer you a 2 hour tour through Mfuwe Village. This tour will be guided by a local well known, experienced, knowledgeable guide, living in the village himself.

Thornicoft Lodge will bring (and collect) you by car to Mfuwe center where all the shops are (called the “cropping”) and your walking tour will start from there. During your tour you will get a drink in a local bar for your refreshment.

During this 2 hour tour, you will go on foot and:

  1. You will learn about family and tribal relations, the language and religions.
  2. See a traditional dance.
  3. You will have a meeting with several people who tell you their historical background and origin.
  4. You will learn about the vegetables and fruit that grow here, how it is cultivated, the livestock and how the local people prepare and cook their traditional food.
  5. Local people will show you how they brew their local beer and if you like you can taste it.
  6. You will learn how local people identify diseases in a traditional way and what local cure and medicines they have for it.
  7. You will visit the local clinic.
  8. You will have a look at the local houses, how they are built using local materials and meet the people living in them.
  9. You will visit the local shops and market place.
  10. You will learn how people have to live side-by-side with wildlife, the problems that arise, especially with elephants but also the importance of National Park, the surrounding game management areas and its flora and fauna for the local people.

Price: 20,00 per person (including drinks, minimum 4 persons) This includes a donation to the local clinic and community

The Lodge

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